"I’m not entirely sure I can envy a future where everyone wastes their lives staring at a screen watching made-up stories."

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Edit a Day — Count Down to Season 8, 14 Days

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Omg it’s beautiful <(*o*)>

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Murdoch, the Hypocrite

if you have any other suggestions, let me know and i’ll gladly gif them.

fyi, he’s taking another look at a painting of a naked lady. :p

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New drawing :)

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Edit a Day — Count Down to Season 8, 15 Days

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Edit a Day — Count Down to Season 8, 16 Days

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This is legit! Probably only if you’re Canadian though. Not sure how I didn’t see this earlier. But it looks like virtually no one really saw it since only 6 people have liked it. Guess Jonny’s ass blocked their view.

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"George, this is Dr. Emily Grace. She’s a new employee of the coroner’s office working under my direction."

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Is this his sneaky way of saying they are filming the honeymoon currently?

Cuz he had the same (or very similar) housecoat when he was recuperating in convalescence…and he shared a bed with Julia…

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The helmet is not weird. The helmet is badass. - Jonny Harris  

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