"I’m not entirely sure I can envy a future where everyone wastes their lives staring at a screen watching made-up stories."

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Finally got around to writing some Jilliam porn. Wee~ :)

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G lookin fabulous (from her insta)

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i want some of his drugs

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william murdoch: making friends. pissing off supervisors. being himself.

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The ‘season six outfit’ or ‘the blue outfit’… I really don’t know what else to call it.
A lot of these are blurry because of the awful lighting, but I’ve done my best to sharpen them.
I’ll continue spamming the Murdoch tag again tomorrow. :3

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The green ‘Murdoch Ahoy outfit’, as I’ve named it.
I took a great many odd angles and weird close-ups in hopes of having good reference photos to later re-create this, but thought some others might be interested in seeing the details, too.

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William is initiating flirtations

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baby: m... m-m
Murdoch: oh look, baby's first word!!
baby: m...
Murdoch: Mother?
baby: my name is James Gillies and I am back from the dead
Murdoch: what

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Does anyone know of a fully working source for The Murdoch Effect outside of Canada?

Some of Shaftesbury/Smokebomb’s uploads have been bamboozled by the ever present and annoying ITV so they don’t work anymore. >.<


Here, its a Google Drive (x)

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