"I’m not entirely sure I can envy a future where everyone wastes their lives staring at a screen watching made-up stories."

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"First Look Behind the Scenes of Murdoch Mysteries Season 8" - part 2 : The Suffragette Movement

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a+ eyebrow action

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Hélène Joy -ALS Ice challenge
“”” @Helene_Joy: ALS has impacted many lives, including mine. Join me in supporting ALSA and participate in the #icebucketchallenge! http://t.co/m0D1xItsot


( sorry for the fact that my screencaps included my answer under her tweet…but this is definitly what I think.) Even if I would like to see her wet ( perhaps she has got a bad experience considering the episode “Murdoch Ahoy” ;) ) I like her message : simple, wise and humble! Thank you Hélène for being true with yourself !!

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Jonny Harris vs ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

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YB#ALSIceBucketChallenge 1 from Bkbroiler on Vimeo.


I haven’t reblogged any of these, but If you follow Murdoch Mysteries on CBC, here’s Yannick Bisson and the ice water challenge

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Yannick Bisson completes the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Georgina Reilly’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Julia’s fantasies are actually worth having